Graham: Klobuchar Should Apologize to Kavanaugh | Hannity Oct 2 2018

Sean Hannity 10/2/18 – Graham: Klobuchar Should Apologize to Kavanaugh

Senate Judiciary Committee member discusses Kavanaugh's impact on the midterm elections, and revisits the tensest moments of the Senate's hearing. On 'Hannity,' Sen. Graham says red state Democrats are 'toast' if they vote 'no.'

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Kelly How much did feinstein and the liberals pay ford to come forward after almost 40 years, why didnt she report this then or when he first ran to be a judge, just more liberal lies… Where is the police report, the pictures of bruises, the dna, they have nothing but liberal lies

Marry Crazy lying leftist witches have many anti-American irons in the fire BUT BEWARE! They & media will create so much division, distrust & hate for women, citizens will justify Islamic law forcing them to be covered, chaperoned & requiring 5 witnesses when testifying against a man.


Steven Newport
 Ive never trusted Lindsey Graham. I’m happy he is FINALLY speaking out. He usually sides w/ the The Demoncrats. He warmly hugged Huma Abedin at McCain funeral. 😲. KELLY AND MATTIS WATCHED HIM. Do they have something on him that he all of a sudden acts like a Republican who has principle? I hope it lasts. I will trust; BUT VERIFY, and stay skeptical of his CONVERSION until the next back-stab. I hope it’s genuine. I do believe his spontaneous outburst of indignation was TRUE. GOD BLESS KAVANAUGH, TRUMP AND AMERICA. Kathleen

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