Hannity Fox News 8/9/18: Spicer: Despite media’s efforts, Trump is getting results

New York Times op-ed calls on media to keep up the blanket coverage of Trump; Sean Spicer and Sebastian Gorka weigh in on 'Hannity.'

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Deborah Rogowski
And The Swamp Creatures are being exposed. The Prophets are speaking! God is moving in AMERICA!!! Demoncrats and Rhinos are the peoples enemies, and will continue to be exposed. May God Bless our PRESIDENT, and staff!

Mark jones
The more they bash the more he wins the more veiwers they lose the lower their financial backing we love our president they can't do anything to change it just makes us hate them more. According to commie Ocasio Cortez's interview in NY America's unemployment rate drops to three point nine percent because Americans works two different jobs.
An excellent logic courtesy of a  psychotic liberal candidate.

Dominic pelle
Trump is getting things done Sean.. just look at Ohio Republican State for 30 years.. on a knife edge election with 10% swing against Trumpism. Blue Tsunami coming.

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