Sean Hannity Hannity Show Mar 8, 2018

Hannity Fox News Today:

On Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions called out California Democrats for pushing a "radical, open borders agenda," just one day after the Justice Department announced it was filing a lawsuit against the "sanctuary city" state for interfering with federal immigration policy.

Viewers reacted to Hannity Fox News Today:

Michael Smith I turned on MSNBC and CNN this morning just to see what lies they were pushing…… Its sickening how some people believe their garbage.won't make that mistake again

Carolyn D Adams I cannot believe that people still actually pay any attention to the news that comes from NY Times, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN. If they report it – just believe the opposite and you will probably get it right.

Rita Heybeck Winter We are so pleased with this tax cut…our accountant said that next year we should pay 1/3 of what we paid this year. That's quite a bit of money in our pockets. Thank you, President Trump!

Maxine Clasen Who ever expected that the New York Times would ever be correct anyway. They had fake news so often that you can't believe anything they say anyway and love Hannity Fox News Today

Martine Moore Yeah… this article doesn’t say why, but they used an old version of TurboTax with trumps new tax plan! Anything to say anything negative about the president. SMH…These people never learn.:

BA Brandt Papers LIKE this would have been OUT of business if they had pulled this trash in my days… SHAME ON THEM for their TREASON and their LIES! Look at the TRASH that has rubbed off from Obama and SMEARED this country with SHAME!

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