Hannity Fox News – March 2, 2018

“We cannot live in a country where losing an election functions as a de facto immunity deal. If people broke the law, they have to be held accountable…”

Congressman Matt Gaetz joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Friday to discuss lawmakers calling for a second special counsel.

Viewers reacted:

Johnnie Lopez Why was trumputin campaign team meeting with so many Russian operatives and so many of them meeting up secretly and they did nit report meeting with the Russians? Why dis the transition team have so many meet ups with Russian operatives, secretly and unreported? Thw trumo family and team members did it to themselves! So stop trying to blame anyone bout the traitors them selves.

Darrell Clark Want be long before the march on Washington, want be long before ivanka and her husband resign, sessions and rosastein have been hanging out together since they have been attacked

Joe Mullett This is why you have the Swamp. If these people have no accountability then why should the general population be judged hard at all. After we have the highest number of prisons, I suspect designed for the average guy. The uneven standards are sickening, more reason to go with a strong constitution. Un Accountable.


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