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Hannity: FISA court was abused for political gain

Hannity Fox Breaking News

Obama's DOJ spied on the campaign of an opposing party using opposition research from Hillary Clinton.

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Viewers reactions:

Kelly : The moment Trump told Hillary she would be in jail if he was in charge is the moment Trump won the Presidency. We need to see people locked up. We ALL know the system is the system, people of power will always screw us, but we wonna see someone from higher up in the food chain feel the consequences we little people suffer.

Mekki : As you can see that the Democrats are clear and present danger upon all Americans. It wasn’t Russian lies it was DNC lies The Russian did not make it up Steele and the others did They bought in the boggy-man Russian Bear and it is all lies

Mellys: When my sister tells lies,she starts to make sniffing noises just like rod rosenstein does when he lies.
Dead giveaway, dead giveaway, rod,your CRAP at lying buddy.. Meuller your time is up,any case you have should be thrown out,because it all started by false info. None of meuller cases have a leg to stand on, Trump,time to shut it down,make all those who started this hoax investigation pay back all the taxpayers money they wasted with fake investigation. Lock all those involved up., These criminals took money for a investigation they knew was lies and fabrications. That to me is theft.taking money under false pretenses. 
We need to see people being charged and locked up…we can start with Crooked Hillary and end with that socialist puppet Obama, he is guilty as sin. Americans are very angry!

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