Hannity 7/11/2018 : The US taxpayer is no longer Europe's ATM

Hannity: The US taxpayer is no longer Europe’s ATM

Today in Brussels, President Donald J. Trump made it perfectly clear: the U.S. taxpayer is not, and no longer going to be, Europe's ATM machine

Under President Trump's leadership, America will no longer be the world's piggy bank; our allies must pay their fair share. Sean Hannity reports live from London.

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Shannon Sualua Tauala Tafa I've never had so much pride just witnessing our PRESIDENT in action. Thank God for a President who is looking out for us despite being attacked by so much of his own people. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT…GOD BLESS THE FIRST FAMILY…GOD BLESS THE USA.

Julie Park Salmon God we love President Trump he calls it and he is amazing. God Bless our president for being strong and business oriented!

Steve White Yep yep sounds like he’s really looking out for himself here and not the American people (I’m being sarcastic). Wonder when the liberals will ever learn. Does this honestly sounds like a man that lied to us to get elected? Not me. Would love to hear Obama’s meetings with NATO demanding all these countries honor their commitments. Oh that’s right, never happened

Beverly Reynolds I have voted for the past 50 years..in all those 50 years of presidential promises President Trump is the.only one that has kept them. In 2020 he has my vote again.

Michael A Schaffer So awesome finally we wake up every morning and we have a true leader in Donald J Trump however what I love the most everyday another Democrats head explodes long with the mainstream dumb media fake news my God Trump and only Trump

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