Gyth Rigdonvs. Rod Stokes Perform  “Drunk Me” – The Voice Battles 2019

Gyth Rigdonvs. Rod Stokes Perform “Drunk Me”

They both freak out when see the Brooks & Dunn fans.  Rod is a simple country boy who works construction and has never been drunk.  He’s never sung outside the church.  Flashback to their auditions.  Gyth is also from a small town raised by a single Dad.   Blake gave them the song because it’s a current hit, and country music fans will be able to hear what they are capable of.  Gyth says Rod is phenomenal and he’s intimidated.  Brooks & Dunn says they both have power and don’t need to drive them so hard all the time.  Brooks and Dunn say they perform different based on where they are used to performing.  Blake says Gyth loves being on stage and it shows, and Rod has a huge, raspy voice.  It’s going to be a hard decision.

Who will win this Team Blake battle?

Gyth starts off, he’s wearing a black leather jacket.  Rod has a much more powerful voice.  You can tell Gyth is more comfortable on the stage, Rod’s voice is more distinct.  They are both doing good.  Rod puts some runs in, maybe too many for my taste.  Gyth has a desperation to his voice that I like.  Hmmm close battle.  Not sure who Blake picks but if I had to guess I would say Rod.  Kelly tells Rod he has an old school country rasp, and he slayed that stage.  Kelly says Gyth is comfortable on the stage.  Rod is more her vibe.  John says they were both excellent.  Rod has an interesting tone, Gyth has the runs.  (LOL) and had a good stage presence.  John says he would pick Gyth because he has more flexibility.  Adam tells them they were even, but Rod has more potential.  Blake says it’s sucks it’s an impossible decision.  They both gave it 150%, they are not similar vocalists but it worked.  The winner of this Battle is…. Gyth Rigdon!  Wow, I’m on a roll of picking wrong night.  Blake said Gyth really stepped up to the challenge of taking on a bigger singer.  As Rod starts to think Blake, WE HAVE A STEAL!  Adam uses his steal on his Rod.  He says he’s a fan of Rod, and he wants him on his team.  Rod Stokes is now Team Adam!  Adam says he has power and good control.  (Fodder for Team Adam).

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