Gyth Rigdon Sings Drift Away – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Gyth Rigdon The Voice

The Voice season 16 premieres tonight with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and new coach John Legend as coaches.  Sixteen seasons in, “The Voice’s” talented artists still manage to surprise us!

John Legend's First Day – The Voice 2019 

Raised in the small town of Singer, Louisiana, where family is everything, Gyth grew up on a race horse farm working from Sun up to Sun Down, and was inspired by his dad to play the guitar and sing.

Gyth Rigdon sings  Drift Away by Dobie Grayin  in The Voice Blind Auditions tonight

Blake Shelton Blocks John Legend from Coaching Gyth Rigdon

He grew up training racehorses in a small Louisiana town. Also, he was raised by a single father! His dad is his hero, and also very musical. He taught his kids music. Dad got him his first gig at a bikers bar, where he met his wife. He sings all sort of music, though mostly country. His voice is surprisingly soulful. His tone is beautiful and sweet. Blake hits his button immediately. Dad is crying! Aw. John turns…dang it he’s blocked. Oh. Blake did it. Kelly turns too and is on her feet. John turned around because he gave it so much energy. Kelly’s favorite thing was his Janis Joplin yelp. She calls him “fearless” She says Gyth has the X Factor, which kicks off a bunch of NBC namechecks. Blake predicts he’ll make the finale. Because of his muscles? Well, that was pandemonium. Gyth Chooses Team Blake

Married 24 year old from Louisiana. Describes his sound as soul-country. Blake, Kelly and John turned. Blake blocks John. Gyth picks Blake. 

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