Gyth Rigdon Performances in The Voice Live Finale 2019

Gyth Rigdon The Voice Finale

The Voice season 16 finale starts tonight   (May 20) Gyth Rigdon will sing 3 songs apiece: One new solo cover, a special duet with his coach and the debut of his first original single. On Tuesday (May 21), after an overnight vote, a new The Voice winner will be crowned

What songs Gyth Rigdon will sing tonight for his the Voice Top 4 finale?

Gyth Rigdon performs Once in a Blue Moon by Earl Thomas Conley


Blake says he won’t be surprised if Gyth wins.  The rehearsal doesn’t sound that good.  It’s just Gyth sitting on a stool with a giant blue moon behind him.  Wow, he sounds off key and nervous.  They are doing close ups on his face, but this is not good at all, he can’t stay in tune.  The song is also boring and it’s going nowhere.  Now he’s standing but it’s not helping I don’t understand why this guy is so popular.  That was just all sorts of painful.  Kelly says this is her favorite song choice, smart song selection.  Oh and he looks nice.  John also comments on his tux.  John says it was challenging and he handled it well.  Blake says the country fan base and Earl’s family is so proud that he honored him.  Haha they couldn’t really comment on his singing.

Gyth Rigdon sings Proof I’ve Always Loved You (Original Song) Written by Hunter Ray Gyth Rigdon & James Grady Arnold 


Gyth Rigdon and Blake Shelton PERFOMR Take it Easy by The Eagles 


Gyth loves Blake’s charisma.  Blake loves Gyth’s willingness to embrace the Amish country.  He doesn’t sound like anybody else.

Oh Lord how long til this is over?  Another WGWG duet both standing at mics wearing jackets and playing acoustic guitar.  Gyth is not that good of a singer I don’t get the hype for him at all.  His audition was his best performance.  Blake sounded decent Gyth was not good.  They really want a terrible winner this year?

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