The Voice Season 16 Top 13 Gyth Rigdon Nobody But Me Performance

Gyth Rigdon Sings Nobody But Me by Blake Shelton – The Voice Top 13

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Gyth Rigdon Nobody But Me 

The Voice season 16 starts tonight with 13 contestants performances.  The theme for this week was "Fan Night", meaning that the artists performed songs chosen by the fans.

Eliminations will be similar to the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth seasons semi-final rounds. The seven artists with the most votes make it straight to the Top 8. The three artists with the fewest votes are instantly eliminated and the middle three fight for the remaining spot in the Top 8 via Instant Save.

What song he will be singing tonight for his The Voice Top 13 performance

Gyth Rigdon performs Nobody But Me for his the Voice Top 13 live performance tonight

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He is standing at the mic with his guitar.  He also has a piano and other instrumentalists behind him.  He sounds decent he’s a little hard to understand in the lower register.  He puts guitar down and now it’s just him and the mic as he walks around the stage.  He sounds better in the chorus and bridge where he is in his higher register, strong ending.  Blake on his feet.

John loves Gyth, he was great up there.  He carries himself with star presence.  Blake says he agree with John, he does belong here.  He owns the stage, and is an undiscovered talent.

Team Blake's Gyth Rigdon performs "I Want to Be Loved Like That" in The Voice Live Top 24 Performances.

Gyth not only has a beautiful voice, but he has an innate ability to tell a story through song

Gyth Rigdon cross battles performance

Viewer reaction:

Clint Calhoun Gyth is amazing country artist he has great talent and good voice His song was on the top 10 charts this week

Carol Alwood If he does not win this year, I am giving up on show!!! His voice is definitely the best.

Vivian Clark Wynn Goth has been my number one pick since his audition. He’s got an amazing voice and should take home the win

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