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Shooting reported at high school in Maryland

A shooting has been reported at Great Mills High School in Maryland. "The school is on lock down," the school district said.

A shooting has been reported at Great Mills High School in Maryland, St. Mary's County Public Schools said on its website.

"The school is on lock down," the school district said, and the incident has been contained. "The Sheriff's office is on the scene; additional information to follow."

A spokesman for the FBI's Baltimore field office said its agents are on the scene of an incident in Great Mills, Maryland.

"The event is contained," the statement adde

St. Mary's County Public Schools said:

" There has been a tragic shooting at Great Mills High School. The St. Mary’s County Sheriff is on the scene and the event is contained.

The school is on lockdown, and we ask that you do not come to the school at this time. Students from Great Mills High School will be transported to a reunification center and parents or guardians of students from Great Mills High School should report to the Leonardtown High School auditorium for reunification."


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Keith Boutwell Ok. So it’s obvious walkouts don’t actually stop criminal behavior, they are just menial acts of solidarity to try to persuade public and political opinion. The truth is, until a bad guy decides not to be a bad guy, we are just a bunch of bumbling idiots asserting our dislike for bad guys doing bad things. Perhaps we should learn self defense instead. Any suggestions as to how one can defend themselves against a violent criminal?

Jessica Mn Don't worry everyone! It's gonna be okay! Congress is working at passing legislation to stop dogs from dying in the overhead compartments of airplanes! Wait, what?

Jenny DuCellier Watching this unfold. Assured that it's being handled by some of Maryland's finest and best trained officers in St. Mary's and Calvert Counties. Can not imagine what the parents are going through right now. All we can do is send prayers, and I've never been one to discount the power of a prayer.

Christina Sisneros Here we go again let’s blame the guns !!! Why can’t people just put the blame where it belongs!! And that blame belongs on the person doing the shooting!! As far as I know is no one told this person to go on a shooting spree!! So stop blaming shootings on the weapons for they don’t have any brains or legs and can not move or talk or whatever!! Gun control IS NOT THE PROBLEM!!

Tabatha Bullman Praying for all the victims and families. But this is not a gun problem this is a crazy sick demented person problem. Please remember that your fork didn’t make you fat and that car the drunk was driving didn’t kill your loved one!

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