Grace Kinstler Performs I Have Nothing on American Idol Finale

Grace Kinstler Performs I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston

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The American Idol 2021 Top 3 will take the stage tonight grand finale for your votes. Only one singer will emerge as the winner at the end of the 3 hour live coast-to-coast event.

Grace Kinstler – All By Myself by Celine Dion

Bobby and Grace chat about how she overthinks her performances sometimes. He tells her to go out and sing for her late dad. This song is so overdone on singing shows. But then again, they’re overdone for a reason. Because people like them. She’s changing the melody up a bit, which helps. Her tone and vibrato are beautiful. She finally hits the big notes on the bridge. Eh. It’s so pageanty, this performance. I prefered the earlier, more subtle parts of the song. This would have killed in 2003. Katy picked the song for Grace. She calls it “vulnerable power.” She says “I felt you.” Lionel calls her a storyteller with a great voice. Grace tells Ryan she was a little nervous when she learned the song choice.

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Grace wants to inspire other women the way Kelly inspired her. “When you’re performing it, be in love with the song,” he says. Out of Kelly Clarkson’s vast song catalog, Grace chooses to sing her crummy coronation single? I don’t get it. Vocally, Grace sounds great as always. She hits the big money like. It’s as if the confetti is already falling! But still, it’s so freaking corny.

race Kinstler – I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston
Grace heads back to Crystal Lake Illinois. She wishes her dad was there to see the celebration. They visit the Chicago ballfield. It’s empty, except for her photo up on the big screen. She and her family have a meal together. She thanks them. EVERYBODY IS CRYING. They toast Grace’s dad, Mitch. Next, Grace visits her high school and then the Mayor of Crystal Lake declares it Grace Kinstler day. She performs an outdoor concert in the rain. The clip ends with her remembering her dad.

The performance starts a’cappella. Her middle range and wide vibrato are lovely. It might be my favorite part of her voice. It’s a very vulnerable take on the song. They she hits the big big notes. She’ nailing those high notes. She ends the song on quiet, delicate notes–so delicate, she sounds a little pitchy. “By the Grace of God!” Exclaims Katy. She begs fans to vote. “Vote right now for Grace!’ Luke says, “If you don’t like this show, you’re crazy.” Lionel says, “You have outdone yourself.” She admits she choked up during her clip. I wonder if why that’s she sounded a little off in parts.

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