Top 10 Grace Kinstler American Idol 2021 Performances

All Grace Kinstler American Idol 2021 Performances

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Grace Kinstler is a 20 year old singer and songwriter based in Boston. When I first heard Grace’s voice when she sang Natural women. I cried. I literally cried! So since then I posted her songs on my TikTok and she responded to my love for her voice and I am so happy knowing that and I really love all Grace Kinstler American Idol songs, performance.

American Idol 2021 Top 2
Willie Spence
Chayce Beckham

Grace Kinstler

Grace Kinstler American Idol Performances

Bobby and Grace chat about how she overthinks her performances sometimes. He tells her to go out and sing for her late dad. This song is so overdone on singing shows. But then again, they’re overdone for a reason. Because people like them. She’s changing the melody up a bit, which helps. Her tone and vibrato are beautiful. She finally hits the big notes on the bridge. Eh. It’s so pageanty, this performance. I prefered the earlier, more subtle parts of the song. This would have killed in 2003. Katy picked the song for Grace. She calls it “vulnerable power.” She says “I felt you.” Lionel calls her a storyteller with a great voice. Grace tells Ryan she was a little nervous when she learned the song choice.

Grace Kinstler perfoms All By Myself by Celine Dion

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Grace wants to inspire other women the way Kelly inspired her. “When you’re performing it, be in love with the song,” he says. Out of Kelly Clarkson’s vast song catalog, Grace chooses to sing her crummy coronation single? I don’t get it. Vocally, Grace sounds great as always. She hits the big money like. It’s as if the confetti is already falling! But still, it’s so freaking corny.

Grace Kinstler – I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston
Grace heads back to Crystal Lake Illinois. She wishes her dad was there to see the celebration. They visit the Chicago ballfield. It’s empty, except for her photo up on the big screen. She and her family have a meal together. She thanks them. EVERYBODY IS CRYING. They toast Grace’s dad, Mitch. Next, Grace visits her high school and then the Mayor of Crystal Lake declares it Grace Kinstler day. She performs an outdoor concert in the rain. The clip ends with her remembering her dad.

The performance starts a’cappella. Her middle range and wide vibrato are lovely. It might be my favorite part of her voice. It’s a very vulnerable take on the song. They she hits the big big notes. She’ nailing those high notes. She ends the song on quiet, delicate notes–so delicate, she sounds a little pitchy. “By the Grace of God!” Exclaims Katy. She begs fans to vote. “Vote right now for Grace!’ Luke says, “If you don’t like this show, you’re crazy.” Lionel says, “You have outdone yourself.” She admits she choked up during her clip. I wonder if why that’s she sounded a little off in parts.

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Lionel rattles on about…he’s talking Randy Jackson word salad now. But he likes that she is telling other girls that it’s “OK to be you.” Katy’s cousins want Grace to win. She calls it a “cool song choice.” Luke admires how she conducts herself with confidence. Grace was only a 1 year old when Kelly sang it on the season 1 finale! Feel old yet?

Finneas explains during the mentoring session that he wrote the song for Broadway star Nick Corderas as he passed from Covid-19. This is a lovely song. And these two are singing a poignant and emotional version of the song. I had no idea this song was about Nick. So moving. 

There’s something about Grace singing Coldplay’s “Fix You” that not only gives us goosebumps, but takes us on an entire emotional journey! Feeling down today? Tried your best but didn’t succeed? Watch Grace’s performance! It’s sure to fix you(r mood) and put a BIG smile on your face!

Ryan explains that the song is one of her mom’s favorites. Grace floundered around for a few weeks, but now she seems to be firing on all cylinders. She’s definitely got her mojo this week.  Katy is “so proud” of Grace. “You’ve really stepped up your game.” Luke says, “Whatever you ate this morning…prayers…it was just a magical performance.” Lionel calls it perfectly done. She really is terrific this week.

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Into the Unknown from Frozen II – Grace loves the strong female Disney characters. Grace thinks the song is all bout taking risks, like she is entering Idol. “What am I going to tell you?” says John. “Just do that!” And Grace ends the night with a big song and a big voice. It’s a terrific cap to a terrific night of performances. BEST DISNEY NIGHT EVER. STANDING OVATION. Spectacular. Katy yells “OH MY GODDESS!” She adds, “You had the whole room controlled by your voice.” Luke says, “You had the eye of the tiger and you went beyond all of that.”



After the nationwide vote, the first person to make it through is Chayce Beckham. The second person is Casey Bishop. Next is Willie Spence. And then Hunter Metts. Caleb will sing again next week. Grace is saved. And now, four singers remain on stage. One more spot. And of course, Arthur Gunn gets it. OK. This is bullcrap. Cassandra is eliminated.

Top 7

Chayce Beckham
Casey Bishop
Willie Spence
Hunter Metts
Caleb Kennedy
Grace Kinstler
Arthur Gunn.


Deshawn Goncalves
Cassandra Coleman
Alyssa Wray

Grace performs ” Happy” for her American Top 12 Oscar Nominated Songs

Was it the most challenging or best performance ever? No!! But I’m glad she worked those hips and showed she isn’t a one trick pony. Also she nailed the notes and everything else

This doesn’t offer a lotta challenge for her voice but good to see her grooving and arranging it to fit her range. That was totally amazing! She commanded that performance and her outfit was so fucking great. She’s literally blossoming exponentially in front of them and they tell her to blossom.

Watch  Grace Kinstler American idol audition performance

Grace Kinstler reflects on losing her dad unexpectedly and shares how he motivates her to keep going when things get tough. In the American Idol audition room, Grace blows the judges away with her rendition of “Natural Woman” by Arthea Franklin. Luke Bryan even tells Grace her audition is right up there with the Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson auditions! Watch here to see Grace’s performance that gave Katy Perry chills.


Props to the piano player he adjusts with everyone and that’s not easy to do. And she can sing when she loses herself. How fitting her name is “Grace”. Because there is just sooo much grace and elegance with her! Her voice is stunning and I’m just blown away by just how easy she makes it seem! I’m calling it now, she will be the winner!

Watch Grace Kinstler performs Midnight Train

Grace Kinstler embracing her curves. Looking good. Her voice is Goddess level. She pulled out the stops at the end. The duet: Grace Kinstler & Joss Stone telling the story. Grace can’t help but throw in some trills and riffs. They had such different approaches. Grace brought the house down in the last 3rd/

Grace Kinstler sings  Elastic Heart on American Idol tonight

Congratulations to Grace Kinstler for making through to The Top 16, of AmericanIdol tonight. She deserve It & Second of all When She sang ”Elastic Heart” By Sia During Her performance of AmericanIdol Tonight.

Wow I thought she did such a great & amazing Job, It was a risk because It Isn’t easy song to sing but she did really good. She did sound like She Put Her own spin to It by making sound like Her own. So, In other words congratulations again & She’s going to get My vote tonight for sure.

Watch Grace Kinstler Dangerous Woman performance

Was anybody else anticipating those high notes that she didn’t hit? I was really hoping for those moments. Oh well, she’s still a winner. I’ll be happy as long as she’s Top 3. I feel like she was trying to hard in this one cause when she stated she sounded like she was talking n half singing her voice is too big and range is too good I feel like her performance could’ve of been better but she is a great singer

Powerhouse vocalist Grace Kinstler has a way of leaving us speechless for every one of her American Idol performances thus far. Grace goes into her Showstopper performance second-guessing her song choice of “Father”, by Demi Lovato.

Even though I have not watched this show in years, I do keep up with it sometimes here on FB. I’ve watched all these Showstopper performances and I have to say this girl has a big beautiful voice. She is humble and I hope she goes all the way. I hope she wins, not just because she’s from IL, but I love her voice. She seems like a wonderful person as well and very talented

Grace Kinstler American Idol Duet with Alyssa Wray

Both are definitely in my top 5. Beyond the voices and performance, there is something about Alyssa that makes you kind of want to hang out with her. Her warmth and positive personality sparkle and shine; and it’s genuine. She is going to soar.

Fan react to all Grace Kinstler American Idol performances

Jenny Deyoung
Was anybody else anticipating those high notes that she didn’t hit? I was really hoping for those moments. Oh well, she’s still a winner. I’ll be happy as long as she’s top 3. I want Alyssa and Willie up there too

Judy Mashburn Skelly
Women should really refrain from criticizing other women! We should build each other up, not tear each other down. She’s an incredible singer! I admire her body positivity!

Mark Brizendine
Hang in there, Grace. You are a powerhouse singer and each time you sing you raise the roof! Great Job! Don’t listen to any naysayers….they probably could never do the great job you are doing

Isabella Allison
Painfully typical for people to focus on a woman’s body or outfits instead of a woman’s talent and determination (what should matter). Grace, you have a stellar voice!! I’m a young singer too, and I’ve been bodyshamed by people both in and out of the industry. You’ve given me so much confidence. You inspire and uplift so many people; keep shining and really want to watch all Grace Kinstler American Idol performances.

Chrissy Townsend
I really loved her at the beginning and she has an amazing voice. But personally I’ve seen this confidence grow and that usually a good thing but when it seems like and over confident ego not my thing. I get she really is making a statement but there is something about her that is making her drop on my list.

Carolyn Jones Watson
I’m a fan – but wish she would have choose a better song that realy showcased her voice song choices are going to be really important from here on out.

Sylvie Trudel
Great voice she can sing anything!!! Also, fire your designers, they don’t know how to properly clothe full size women, they made her outfit look too small for her by adding the hot pink fabric to make it longer…. They should have made it all silver !!! Fitting her into clothes designed for a size 6 body type is ridiculous, she’s a beautiful and uniquely shaped young woman, work with her curves to give her a unique style and not emphasize her generous hips….sequins pants were not the best idea especially on tv…matte black would have been a better choice….. I’m a full size woman myself and have learned how to dress to look my personal best and always choose clothes that make people look at my face instead of looking at the size of my butt, my hips or belly!!! Soft flowy fabrics, sequins are ok but close to the face, patterns are a great distraction and hide the “less pretty parts” and colors are worn with neutrals !

Mandy Long
Why are people critiquing her body and outfit? Are you doing the same to the men? This is a singing competition and she has beautiful vocals, stage presence, and confidence and love Grace Kinstler American Idol  performance tonight

Candi Burresch Hickok
I don’t really care for that song.But I AM LOVING her stage presence and attitude on stage. She always sounds amazing. Her personality is coming out more with every performance.

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