Glennis Grace Performs “Nothing Compares To You” – America’s Got Talent 2018

Glennis delivered an incredible rendition of this Prince classic! Glennis gave it her all and continues to chase her dreams on AGT.

Glennis was pursuing her dream in her early 20s, but when her son came along, she gave it all up to raise him. She sang a Whitney Houston song…just like Whitney. Big strong voice, but no originality. She almost didn’t come back, but her son convinced her. She sings “Nothing Compares to U” by Prince. Starting off a cappella, this is better than her first outing. She manages to put her own stamp on it, which was a thing that needed to happen. Chris says she honored the song, but made it her own. Mel says, “You gave us your everything, your all.” Simon says, “You had a glow about you.” He thinks the record business is shifting to breaking older artists? What? 

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