Glennis Grace sings “Never Enough” STUNNING MOMENT!! QUARTERFINALS 2 America’s Got Talent 2018

Glennis Grace Never Enough

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Glennis shares her feelings of inadequacy and how it has held her back. She performs “Never Enough” from GUESS WHAT THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. All these songs will be sung on singing shows forever and ever won’t they. The thing about Glinis: She’s got iron pipes. She can hit those incredible high notes and hasn’t met a key change she couldn’t totally blast through. But she’s super generic and lacks real connection to what she’s singing. Simon calls the performance “a moment.” Howie calls it a “crazy moment.” Paul Stanley from KISS is in the audience. Mel B admires that she’s “taking back your power.” She doesn’t like the black stripey jacket she’s wearing though. 

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