Giraffe Calf Riverbanks Zoo Update: She Doing Well

Giraffe Calf at Riverbanks Zoo Update

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Giraffe Calf at Riverbanks Zoo Update:

5 days old and Ginger’s new calf is doing well bonding with mom behind the scenes. This is Ginger’s third calf born at Riverbanks, making her quite the practiced mother! Stay tuned on when these two will be on habitat and how you can help name this new calf.


Giraffe Calf Riverbanks Zoo Giraffe Calf Riverbanks Zoo 

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Supporters reaction :

Jennifer Stout I think you should name her Jennifer! My mother’s name is Ginger and she had me on April 2nd!

Julie Vaughn Jackson How sweet! Did you know…Twiga means giraffe in Swahili and that a giraffe and a human have the same number of bones in their necks! FYI!

Shawn Healey Why is it that this female was just born but already looks pissed off at a guy? Like she popped out of her momma and immediately says “David, you are seriously going to the watering hole right now?! Know what, I don’t even care, do what you want David. I just got born but you know, hanging with your good for nothing friends is clearly more important to you”

Laura Kiser This is extremely awesome news …. can I arrange a private visit for my daughter who loves them so much . She graduates from the University of South Carolina and May and that would make a great gift idea !

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