Giants Trade WR Odell Beckham Jr. To The Browns

Share to scare the shit out of a Giants fan & get a Browns fan’s hopes up for the first time in decades.

Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

(Disclaimer: We are not in any way responsible for any heart attacks, suicides or self inflicted injuries suffered by anyone in Cleveland as a result of this exercise)


Viewers reacted:

Zack Bailey Y’all just wait. Soon enough you’ll have to make fun of another team because the browns are actually good now

Shawn Odey Please don't scare me like that, Browns don't want anything to do with that guy !

Robin Mack-Roberts I almost believed this, then remembered it was April Fool's Day. Hah, good one!

Zack Rhainee Greymane I was actually hoping this would happen.. the browns offense would be somewhat decent

Chris Lang My feed is blowing up with these dumb posts from all teams, its already old….

Jason Massey In still drubk as fuck and know this is an April fool's day joke lol.

Matt Wilson It's gotta be April Fools. I'm not even opening the link.

Mark Delnegro That is a possibility the Browns have the cap room and leverage to do so. Plus Jarvis Landry and OBJ are close as they were college team mates at LSU. Both have hinted towards a reunion via social media.

Tim Willadsen Even though both teams should, Tyrod can hold the team together for a couple years, and the Browns take Barkley #1 then trade #4 to giants and a 3rd or 2nd. Every year there is another qb phenom coming out of colledge.

Eric Rosenthal I actually made this joke yesterday! It's not 100% impossible. Just unlikely af. Odell to Browns to play with his bro Jarvis Landry and the Browns give their 1st & 4th pick to Giants for their 2nd pick lol. Never…

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