Giants GM Dave Gettleman Wears Mask During NFL Draft While At Home By Himself

Dave Gettleman may think he can get a virus from his computer.

The controversial Giants GM was back at it again with his obscure picks during the NFL Draft, and did so wearing a medical mask…at his own home…in a room by himself.


Viewer reaction:

Michael Dudley Hes got IT guys there, and multiple cameramen. He also just recently went through chemo, no shit hes going to try and play it safe. However, dudes gotta keep that mask on the whole time hes in there.

Brannon Marr They showed him earlier before the draft. Apparently he didn’t know the camera was live and didn’t have it on. He actually was getting it ready and put it in front of him. Pathetic

Matt Fabbiani Gettleman has a mask on because he went through chemotherapy 2 years ago. The Thomas pick was decent, you people are only being unfair to this team only because of the Jones pick last year.

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