Garrett JacobsHollywood Week Solo Rounds: Wiki Game by Chris Isaak | Garrett Jacobs American Idol

Garrett Jacobs: SLAYS “Wicked Games” For Hollywood Week Solo Rounds

Garrett Jacobs American Idol 2018

Will Garrett make the move from football star to superstar?

Garrett Jacobs: SLAYS "Wicked Games" For Hollywood Week Solo Rounds

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Viewers reacted to Garrett Jacobs American Idol 2018

Robyn Marshall Jacobs Words cannot describe how proud I am of my son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words and support

Angela Drayer Miller I just love his mamaw wanting to cook him a hot meal- love southern hospitality

Deb Kluckman Rosemore I bet everyone the chick is going to win because her dad was a singer song writer

Melanie Pitts You've got this Garrett! I know you have a special friend rooting for you upstairs too!

Yulondra Thomas Keep up the great work love hearing you sing and now maybe people will start pronouncing a beautiful city Bossier right

Crystal Marie This guy is going places..has a great shot at winning and if not I’m sure now that his face and voice has been seen there will be someone out there ready for him! He’s amazing

Michelle Shelly What a gentleman, so rare to see, love his voice and love Team Garrett Jacobs shirt

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