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Gabby Barrett Sings What You Want

Gabby Barrett What You Want 

"What You Want" I think a lot of girls will relate to this song. Hope you guys like it

That guy who only seems to want you when you move on

Bad Wings (Original)

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I've met so many amazing People on this journey. I've gotten to hear lot of hardship and people who don't believe in themselves. I'm here to not only listen to your story but to tell you to push past the negative feelings and talk and be all you were created to be

Fans reacted to Gabby Barrett What You Want

Alaina Hutto Love the new song! I know you’ve already heard this hundreds of times, but you’re already the most successful Idol contestant from your season! You’ve already written 4-5 new songs in addition to “Rivers Deep”, which is incredibly impressive and really awesome for both you and us fans.

John Marinacci Another gabby barrett. Classic love your fun loving style that song wAs awesome

Sandy Guth Great song! Strong girl message again! Keep it up ! Also love the clip on Instagram with the quick look into your tour life. More please ! Helps people to get to know the real Gabby, not just the stage spitfire who slays!

Zachary Craft Yeah completely understand the song and where you're coming from speaking to somebody back in PA I'm sure… Anyway I love your just Soulful voice and Country so if you could stick to that for at least an album please Gabby. Love you either way!! Take care love Gabby Barrett What You Want 

Stacy Pearson Absolutely love it. You are so amazing. Much love and support. Hope your having fun on the Idol tour. Hopefully one day I get too meet you. Keep living out your dreams. You are so awesome.

Joy Asleson Well done, Gabby! I so admire your focus and ambition to get your music out! And amazing music it is! You are a natural with people and make a connection with them. What a talented young lady you are! While I have not met you personally, you appear to be a wonderful, genuine person. Anyone would be blessed to call you friend.

Christine Cassaday This is pretty good. This defintly has a Carrie Underwood vibe. With some more country instrumentation it could defintly be a country song.

Michele Timko Love the song and video, you never disappoint us! You are truly on your way. God bless you on your journey. I can't wait to see how far your dreams take you

Billy Rodebaugh Enjoyed the video, Thank you Gabby, looking forward to hearing, reading, and watching more of your songs! love Gabby Barrett What You Want  and shirt.

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