Gabby Barrett Parents | Gabby Thanks Her Dad For Believing in Her

Gabby Barrett Thanks Dad For Believing in Her

Gabby Barrett Parents 

Home! I wanted to take this time to thank my dad! Thank you dad for believing in me. Thank you dad for believing in all my brothers and sisters. I remember when American Idol first started. How nervous I was. You came to my hotel room and told me God created me for great things and to totally believe in myself.

You taught me to have confidence in myself. And to believe in myself when all other don’t. You whispered in my ear before I went out on stage “God walks with you” That gave me the courage. You whispered in my ear when I walked off stage and lost. “The same God that got me on stage is the same God that walks with me to the next level

Thank you dad for teaching me to have faith in myself. All things work for our good. When you walk in faith. I don’t want to wait for Fathers Day to tell you how blessed we all are to have a dad like you. I remember when Caleb thought he was being cut and you called him into the room and told him how great you thought he was and for him to believe God created him for good things. I just wanted to say one more time. Thank you God for allowing me to have the Dad that I have. I Love you dad to the moon and the stars. 

Gabby Barrett and Mom Pam

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Fans reacted to Gabby Barrett Parents 

Donna Annette Nee

Gabby I was so upset when I find out you did not win it was crazy you are awesome great beautiful I love your personality everybody here in Jacksonville Florida was upset that could you did not win your dad is right God is with you he's always with you I hope and pray that you try out season 2 if not I know you're going to make something out of your life you are a awesome singer I hope and pray that I'll see you on Facebook don't forget us

Audra Ackman Gabby keep believing, big things are going to happen for you. You deserve it, you are a sweet person inside and out. Remember how much you impressed Carrie Underwood, Steve Perry and the others. You are the Pittsburgh American Idol! Keep reaching for the star's, cause Gabby you are a star. Good luck with whatever the future brings you!

Shari Kinney

Dearest Gabby, You are the true meaning of a star. Whether we win or we lose we are the same person. So many people believe in us and get us through the times we doubt ourselves. I know from experience of watching american idol that most people don't win the show and still go on to do great things. I still support many of those people today even without all the big fancy record labels. Take this time to enjoy the journey you have had and get ready for the next chapter. Everyone knows your name now. I have been so excited to meet you I can hardly wait till the Napa show. I am hoping to go to more shows just so I can meet you. I have bought all your music so far and I will continue to be a lifelong fan. God bless you Gabby

Chad Davis The pride your dad has and shows for you cannot be measured. With that kind of love and support, you will go far in this business. He just seems like a nice guy to be around, especially doing that for Caleb.

Stacy Pearson You are awesome. And you have an awesome daddy supporting you. As well as sister brother etc. Don't ever take anything for granted. It's super hard living without a daddy. I cherish the relationship you have with your daddy. I wish my daddy was still around. I don't know what more too say. Other than I will follow you wherever you go. God has you right where he wants you. Much love and support Gabby. You are my Idol.

Te Edwin Decembrana

For me your still nno 1 my idol wish to meet u but i cant because i dont have much budget i mean extra cash just a standard family living eating 3 times a day. You can join again next season it might be for you then.

Julez Lynch Gabby you were my pic lovely… Touched hearts down here in Australia! Congrats girlie, I'm sure this will be just the start of your journey and I can't wait to see what it brings! love Gabby Barrett Parents and her songs

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