FULL INTERVIEW : Gabby Barrett On Good Morning American Today

Gabby Barrett Interviews On Good Morning American Today

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Gabby Barrett On Good Morning American

Finalists Gabby Barrett opens up about the two-part finale live on "GMA."

Kelly Sasso WTAE is talking with Gabby Barrett LIVE about her American Idol journey and what's next for her and her music career. 

Gabby Barrett Lived on American Idol today

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SEEGabby Barrett Thanks Her Dad For Believing in Her

Fans reacted to Gabby Barrett On Good Morning American

Bren Hig

Maddie didn't have to do hair-flips or show skin or shake her fringe. Maddie was simply Maddie. She didn't pretend to be someone she isn't or perform like she knew she was the winner. Maddie humbly and steadily improved and stayed true to who she is. Very proud of her and very glad she won.

Susan Cranford What a surprise about them dating! Best reveal on a reality show or competition in a long time! Great finalists and I adored all the judges this season. Welcome back American Idol.

Christina Ann Dickinson

I love gabby but I voted for Maddie because on Sunday I felt she did the best of the 3 gabby didn t do very good on her first song and when she sang little red wagon I felt she did better the first time but she nailed her last song caleb did great on his last 2 songs and Maddie nailed all 3 songs that's why Caleb and Maddie where top 2 because they did the best on Sunday I love all 3 of them but I voted for Maddie this week and she won she deserved it

Shawna Harding Smith Sorry Gabby but America saw your cockiness and sent you packing…

Crystal Goodman Ostrowski I’m sorry but I saw her attitude when she was walking off the stage when she found out she didn’t make it through. She’s acted better than the other two the past few weeks and I just feel
She hasn’t been genuine. Yes she can sing and she already has a bright future ahead so not winning isn’t the end of the road for her

Gladys Setzer Her fake accent came out front and center tonight and it was bad. I love her and hope she figures out who she is. My southern accent never changes and hers does.

Lynn Marie I am going to point out a fact. Chris daughtry came in fourth place, where Taylor hicks won for first that year. You know who Chris Daughtry is, but how many of you have never heard of Taylor Hicks. Point made. The sky is the limit Gabby, grab it! love Gabby Barrett On Good Morning American

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