“American Idol” Gabby Barrett – Jesus And My Mama – New Single

Gabby Barrett Jesus And My Mama

Blown away!!!! Thank you guys so much!!! My song is continuing to climb on the iTunes charts because of you guys are purchasing it



I’m blown away! Within one day you guys put my new song “Jesus and my mama” on the iTunes chart. And it keeps climbing 

gabby barrett itune 

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Fans reacted to Gabby Barrett Jesus And My Mama

Jordan Messineo That's unbelievable so happy for you, you deserve it. Also I'm super excited for Thursday, I will be there. When are you performing btw? It said gates open at 6pm

Ria CR Thank you Gabby!! You are the ultimate entertainer, have been from day one (many, many years ago). Beautiful song! Continued blessings my friend 

Christine Cassaday For it to be there when you only posted it to YouTube and Facebook is so great. Rivers deep got in the teens. Let’s try and get this in the top ten.

Emily Machtemes Finnegan Gabby Barrett, where did you get your copper colored biker Jacket? I absolutely LOVE IT! AND I love your original song Jesus and My Mama!

Tami Hennacy It’s gonna be 1st soon. Just watch & see!!!!! You are amazingly talented girl! When u coming to West Palm Beach???

Karl Wood Girl I say this with the up most respect for you. But I'm really glad you didnt win. Now you are not under any contract with them. You can sing with anyone you want to. But I do admit I was so madd when you lost to them other two…. Good luck cant wait to see you on tour.

Christine Cassaday If everyone who viewed this went and bought it we could get this all the way up the iTunes country chart. Go buy it.

Angela Mazzarese Gabby did you write this song? Is there a way that your fans can financially support you to help you tour PA or tri state? Or to help you put an album together that we can buy… love Gabby Barrett Jesus And My Mama

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