Gabby Barrett – I Hope – Coming Soon

Flying to Nashville to film my upcoming video for " I Hope" It's by far my FAVORITE Song Ever!!! Look for it coming soon Jan 25th!! Hit The SHARE Button If you like the song.

Gabby Barrett sings own single “I Hope” Guest Performance She's Engaged

Hope" by Gabby Barrett Official Music Video

Gabby Barrett – I Hope (Official Audio)

I Hope: ITunes Download

Years ago I started feeding the homeless with Goodwill and got to learn many great things they do for people. Nobody walks on this earth without criticism. I know that well 🤣🤣 But I’ve gotten to be a small part of touching people in need because of Goodwill. Happy 100

Gabby Barrett – An Amazing 2018 THANK YOU

American Idol 2018 Gabby Barrett Homecoming

Gabby Barrett – BYE Love

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Fan reaction:

Zack Payton I'll never understand why you didn't win… Still amazing and my American Idol winner always

Kelly Pearce Gabby you are my favorite singer but I never understood why on your live video when you wanted people to ask questions and me and a lot of others did, I even gave some songs for your song request, I never got a shout out or hi, or nothing, while others who commented after me were answered, anyways I know your probably busy and I wish you the best, But I would recommend live videos with just you because it takes longer watching with whole family in it. You are the star and you were on american Idol and I'll just leave it at that. Hope you had a good new years

Becky Liberatore Go Gabby girl! Love watching your journey! You are amazing! and from PA! Go Steelers

Victoria Moore I love this cover you sound so, definitely one of my top favorite covers of yours! I'm so beyond excited for the new single I can't wait to hear the whole song! Can't wait to see you in Charlotte in a week! 

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