Gabby Barret Sings Her New Single “Somethin Good”

Hey guys if you got an extra buck $1 Please jump over to itunes and pick up my song "Somethin Good" I have had 3 songs in the last two months in the top 30 because of all the love and support! If you like this please share.

ITunes Download

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom – Single – ITunes Download

Love Triangle – Single – ITunes Download

The Climb – Single  – ITunes Download

Young Blood – Single – ITunes Download

Rivers Deep –  ITunes Download

Jesus and My Momma – ITunes Download

Also I've been given some cool stuff from True Religion, Macy, And a few other places and I'll be having a bunch of giveaways to thank you guys for all the LOVE

I'll be in Nashville starting the 6th. 

Official Gabby Barrett Merchandise , show your support to her


Get yours: Here

Fans reactions:

Mary Greene Hopcroft I know your very busy and it's hard to see all of your comments, so I hope that you can read my message.
Gabby, your singing has giving me so much joy! I've just been so lonely and depressed , I'm a stay at home mom and I don't have a lot of friends, American Idol was my go to, I followed your path on the show, I love you, Cade, Maddie and Caleb.. I was rooting for you!
Your songs made me smile, when you sang I hope you dance it really touched my heart, my mama is suffering with

dementia and before her disease she gave me that song, and she watched that performance with me and grabbed my hand, for that moment she was my mama again and she wasn't confused.
I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments, your gonna go far girl. Thanks so much for being there for me!

Shondra Edge DuBrosky I love your voice!!! I was doing my mile walk at lunch today at Duquesne U and I guess I was singing along a little loudly to “Jesus and My Momma” and a couple of students got my attention and said they love you and that song too lol. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Jordan Messineo Thanks for such a great night last night, loved meeting you! You were so nice and adorable it was honestly a dream come true for me. With the autograph picture "To Jordan Keep Believing and dreaming" has really gotten me motivated and I look up to you for that Would you know how I find that picture they took of us yesterday..I heard it was somewhere on social media at least that's what I thought? Gabby have a great trip to Texas and Nashville and stay safe. Hope to someday meet you again (I was extremely nervous meeting you lol) but I'm glad my dreams have come true And I've met my 1st

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