Gabby Barrett Gets Sick Before Her American Idol Top 5 Performance

Gabby Barrett Gets Sick Before Her American Idol Top 5 Performance

Gabby Barrett Gets Sick

According to the local news, Gabby Barrett was sick with a fever before her American Idol Top 5 Performance

Munhall native Gabby Barrett ,18, needs prayers right now she is sick two days before she has to sing and her fans are praying for Gabby to get well soon. Fans will continue to pray for God's healing and blessings, so that He may be glorified for his awesome power and grace to help Gabby recover soon 

Her medication and paperwork from the hospital

Gabby Barrett Gets Sick

Gabby Barrett Gets Sick

What are the odds of her winning the long-running ABC singing competition? Pretty good, according to Sports Betting Experts.

The website's latest poll put her at the top of the list, with odds of +150.
Here's how her competition ranked:

Cade Foehner, +350

Caleb Lee Hutchinson, +750

Maddie Poppe, +750

Michael J. Woodard, +1,500

Throughout the season, Barrett's country chops have earned high praise and speculation that she'd be tough to beat.

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She posted on her facebook page:

" I can’t even begin telling you guys how special it was spending time with Carrie Underwood. Extremely Nice!!! Now when they say “ She Just wants to be Carrie” I’ll take that as a complement. I hope someday I can be a Mother, Wife, Entertainer Just like her. Just like Sidney Crosby always being called the next Mario Lemieux. But Now he is Sidney!!!! My dad always told us We can fool people but we can’t fool God."

Fans reactions"

James Loftis Gabby you fit right in with the Star's, you have the it factor you wow the judge's. Your at the tip of the iceberg of your dreams,I glad your dad supported you liked he did what a great awesome father oh and once again thank you, thank you for sharing that beautiful voice. I just love how you sung Rose colored glass.

Lorraine Juliano-Thomas God bless you Pretty Gabby. You deserve to win, no doubt. You send chills through me with your voice. Love that you got to meet Carrie. She can see how hard you have worked to get there. That also includes your parents who always knew you had it in you. Thank you for singing at my daughter Deena Nesiti’s cancer awareness fund raiser at Westwood Golf Club with her son Jay. Our angel babygirl is cheering you from heaven. We all believed in you. Look at you now!!! We love you Gabby

Oyando Laura You two look so much alike .. the first time I saw u Gabby Barrett on this season’s show the first thing that came to my mind was Carrie who is also one of my favorites …there’s something so authentic, outstanding and incredibly beautiful and humbling at the same time about you….loved u from the beginning and pray that you win but even if you don’t know that you’re incredible & I can’t wait for your albums…. for some weird reason I felt like u were a star from before. Hope she alright she pull thru love her see her like this get well soon gabby barrett made it work hard to get there own it, it`s a sad new Gabby Barrett Gets Sick 

Nira Philburn Please rest kick back save the voice for sunday get lots of rest.please everyone knows you can do it we are all counting on you. Cause we want a win sunday. So what the doc get better it hard with a puffer and can not breath.take it slow.and maybe sunday you can give it your all. Cant wait to see. Love you your fan .best girl or mean lady. The bomb

Kathy Piel Lots and lots of water! Two days of antibiotics and hopefully better quick. Oh and definitely take probiotics with the antibiotics so your system can handle it all. Prayers for quick healing and rest if time!!

Jessiah Maxwell Oh wow, sorry to hear that! I know Maddie got sick went to the hospital 4 times and still did absolutely great on her performance. You couldnt even tell. Then she didn’t even tell anyone. Catie mentioned how strong she was and was proud of her. I hope you get better

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