Gabby Barrett Sings Don’t Stop Believing American Idol Finale

Gabby Barrett Dont Stop Believing

The American Idol 2018 Top 3 will all be performing their hometowm on Sunday night 

Gabby Barrett knows her genre and it is a crossover singer doing Pop or Country with an occasional Gospel sprinkled into the mix. People have unjustly criticized her for not knowing who she is she knows who she is I predict she will have great success as a Crossover singer

Nobody goes home on Sunday. Everything is decided on Monday.

How to Vote for Gabby Barrett:

Text 14 to 21523 ten times in order for it to be counted as 10 times!

Vote on the American idol app

Vote in the browser and vote 10 times more!

Make as many email accounts as you can and vote vote vote!

Tell everyone you know friends and family to vote! Copy this and share it every where you can on your personal page or anywhere! To where we can get even more votes! Gabby needs even more votes! VOTE Sunday and Monday!

Don’t forget Sunday at 8:00 pm (5:00pm) and Monday at 9:00 pm (6:00pm pacific standard time) on American idol

On American Idol Finale tonight, what song Babby Barrett will be singing?

Gabby Barrett Dont Stop Believing

Gabby Barrett sings " Don’t Stop Believing"  by Journey for her American Idol finale performance

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Gabby Barrett sings "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston for her Mother's Day Top 5 performance

Gabby Barrett American Idol Homecoming parade

Gabby Barrett's American Idol PittsbGabby Barrett sings Miranda Lambert's "Little Red Wagon"

Gabby tries too hard…way too hard… way way to hard.. it’s old now. On the other hand. It’s authentic, she’s authentic and humble. Igenuinely hope she wins.

Fans reacted to to 

Marlay Carter said:

" This performance was good, but this has been her only good performance. She tries way to hard to be someone she isn’t and sings through her nose"

Thiago Marques said

"Gabby does not have anything fake, this is called versatility and she always delivers great performances. She is a complete artist and I will always accompany her"

Hannah Grace said:

" First of all, gabby is fantastic. She’s the only one who actually has good stage presence. 
Second, she’s 18 for god sake. Give her a break. She’s been getting better over the course of the competition with a vocal coach, imagine what can happen if that continues. 
Third, everyone saying she’s ‘copying’ other celebs or basic, she’s 18. Who wasn’t at 18? Give her a chance to find herself a grow on that. Maybe this competition is just what she needs to be able to figure out who she is and run with it. I’ve followed Gabby Barrett for years and I have never seen her do so well than she had in this competition. She will do big things. She was born a star. love 
Gabby Barrett Dont Stop Believing

Gina Stevens

" Gabby can certainly sing but to me she seems fake and takes on the tone of whoever she is singing … she’s not real enough for me, too cocky, really love Gabby Barrett Dont Stop Believing tonight".

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