Gabby Barret Live Tour 2018 at The Waterfront.

Gabby Barrett Concert Pittsburgh

 I remember playing to 10-15 people, and now it all feels like a dream. Thank y’all so much for coming out to my show 

 We live in the greatest country on the planet. Once you push your self pity aside and realize NOBODY owes you nothing! Stop all the gossip and labeling. And get back to what God created. Honor God by fighting for your dreams. In the fight you will find out amazing things about yourself. At times you will find yourself looking up to the heavens asking God “Why!!!” With tears  in your eyes. It’s no different than a woman having a baby. Once you hold that child in your hands. You forget all about the pain you went through. We still have a long way to go but the day her and I decided to embark on this journey together we decided to never look back and keep pushing forward knowing God lights our path. Allow God to direct you towards your dreams. Not man. Man teaches you to blame and point the finger and group up into blame groups. That completely destroys your belief in yourself and what God created you to be. We are all born with that light of hope. Man teaches you to abort the very things that will make your light Shine. Don’t allow that poison in your soul. Back up until you were young enough to actually have dreams and desires and start from there. Pay no attention what man says about you and focus more on what God says about you. -Just Blase

LIVE: Gabby Barrett Concert: Let It Glow at The Waterfront.

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner

Gabby Barrett – Fireflies (Official Music Video)

Luke Bryan & Gabby Barrett Sing "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" & "Most People Are Good" – American Idol

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The NRG Santa Spectacular Show returns to Point State Park on Friday, November 16th at 5PM with lots of activities and entertainment for the family!

The Winter Wonderland Booths open at 5PM! Santa’s Workshop begins a half hour early at 4:30PM this year as Santa and his helper welcome pets for photos. Bring your camera or snap a shot on your cell phone!

Local performance groups with holiday-themed performances hit main stage right at 5PM with Pittsburgh’s own Gabby Barrett lighting up the stage at 7:30PM!

Guest have a chance to meet Gabby Barrett or win a chance to join in the VIP area by visiting the NRG booth at 5pm. The first 45 guests to visit will get a pass to join Gabby for a special meet and greet between 6-7:15pm and while you are there register to win a chance to join NRG in the VIP area next to the stage!

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