Gabby Barrett`s Boyfriend Revealed

Gabby Barrett Boyfriend

Gabby Barrett sings own single “I Hope” Guest Performance She's Engaged

Foehner and Barrett created the romance when competing in the competition and always support each other. At one point, Barrett even admitted that if she did not win, she would have liked to see Foehner win. "I mean she's just fit for the bill and I want the most for my career!" Foehner had previously told reporters in a group interview when asked about Barrett's support for him.

gabby barrett boyfriend 

Gabby Barrett Boyfriend

Although Foehner will not be back in the Top 3, he says that his removal has not left him with any mixed feelings. "There is no regret to being made or upset to have been because our best friends can continue," he acknowledged. "Our brothers and sisters go to the finale. Basically we have a career if we work. That's one step, it's more than we can expect. "

“I was really off put by the call out,” Cade said on the red carpet after the show.


We play with each other all the time in our hotel rooms,” Cade said. “We sing together, we sing different melodies together.” 


She told reporters, “”That was completely unplanned. I didn’t know that was coming. My face was as red as a tomato. That is why I had to cover it up, but we are really good friends and we will see what happens after the show.”

 "Honest to goodness, we’re great friends. I adore her, but we are trying to build a career and we are focused, hardworking and we’re not letting it get in the way.”

This would be a beautiful love story after the American idol ended because both were very talented and matched up.

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