Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner Are Dating in Video, Photos

Gabby Barrett and Cade

Gabby Barrett had major support from her boyfriend, Cade Foehner, during the ‘American Idol’ finale on May 20, and after the show, she raved about how important he’s been to her during this process.

Gabby Barrett and Cade took  this picture during the American Idol Top 10

I’m actually crying i love them so much oh my goodness

They just checking in to tell you guys that i love you more than anything & you two deserve the entire world. thank you for making me smile & cry because of how adorable you are. i love you both more than i thought i could love someone. i pray that The Lord continues to bless the both of you as individuals and as a pairing

They are my favorite people and i love them so much so here is this adorable freakin picture that cade just posted

Cade and Gabby American Idol

Cade hugged Gabby at American Idol

These tow are so cute together.

The biggest dorks that I love with my whole heart

Cade`s phone leaked:

Cade, Gabby and Michelle

What did they do ?

I did not know that how much I love them

Gabby Babby and Cade Foehner

Their sms leaked

Gabby Barrett

A new Love Triangle on American Idol? Rocker Cade Foehner Music REVEALS His secret lover (Gabby Barrett) and Katy Perry CAN'T TAKE IT!!

Cade Foehner released his new single : Breathe Out 

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Gabby Barrett – Rivers Deep


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Gabby Barrett – Jesus And My Mama

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Gabby Barrett – Young Blood

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ET spoke to the two contestants on the carpet backstage after Idol's Disney night. Cade and Gabby address whether they're actually dating after a caught-on-camera moment during the episode.

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Gabby has stated before the news broke that she had a crush on a contestant. Both contestants have meet each other’s family members and have welcomed both into each other’s families.

Fans reacted to 

Emilee Nicole I was wondering after their Instagram lives last week  They are absolutely adorable together and if they are a couple I wish them the best of luck in their new relationship and even if their just friends with some new hollywood rumors going around, i wish them a life long friendship because you can obviously see they have an amazing connection when their together. I deff hope they are the top 2. Keep rocking it Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner Music! Don't let online haters get to you because you both have an incredible talent from God. Love you both

Ashley Proudman I hope it’s true! They way he looked at her in there Instagram Live was adorable, I seen them ignore the question and smiled every time someone asked on instagram. I also see where her brother & Gypsy Barrett welcomed him to the family && noticed on his Instagram he took pic with the contestants and tagged them but there name but with gabby he said Women

Kathleen Seymour Reminds me of the very first idol on Fox, if they are dating, keep it out of the media. I feel these two will be the top two in the American idol.

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