Gabby Barrett American Idol Performances Tonight

Gabby Barrett American Idol Tonight

Almost time for The next round of American idol!!!! First time LIVE All over the country!!! And I’m asking for your time and votes. I may or may not meet you on this amazing journey. It took a lot more than my voice to get me here. It took people I’ve never met to believe in me. Year after year after year giving up things I wanted to do just for a chance. I want to be the person people say “If she did it then so can I.” You don’t need everyone to love you. You only need to realize that God created you for good. It took people to lift me to here and I promise I’ll continue to lift or pull people up to be all they were created to be.

Gabby Barrett American Idol Tonight

Don’t get caught up in the negative game. There is enough Chickens and Crows. Fly above them like the Eagle  Let go of the need to have people around you at the expense of holding you back. Lionel Richie said it best last night. “ It’s not about how many punches you throw it’s more about how many punches you can take and keep going.

This has been an amazing journey with amazing people I can actually call friends. Four of us will go home tomorrow night. Breaking our group up.

I always wondered if the people were actually close on American idol and now I know. We have sat and shared Good times together and read the hater comments together. Helping us bond even closer. As much as I tried not to get to close. You can’t help bonding with people you spend 16 hours a day with learning all about their life struggles. Tonight I’m asking for your votes to continue my dreams. But if I’m not your favorite just know that who you do vote for deserves and wants it as much as me

Gabby helped raise $26,000 to cure and research Cystic Fibrosis that night. Over the past few years; Gabby has helped raise over $250,000 through sharing her musical talents.

She is more than a voice; but an American idol WITH A HEART.

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Fans reactions:

Alec Rava Hey gabby! Just wanna say real quick your performances are amazing I vote for you every single time, you deserve to win! Don’t listen to the haters on here lol. Idk if you’ll ever see this comment or anything but my names alec im 21 years old and a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps and very year we have the marine corps ball in November in New York City and if you ever see this post I was wondering if you’d want to come as my date for that night?  it’s a fun time I’ll pay for the tickets and your own hotel room. If you see this post let me know  and good luck with the rest of American idol, love Gabby Barrett American Idol Tonight

Jennifer Gallop Silly girl! I have seen some hateful comments towards you and i just wanna say, dont let them get to you! Dont let them steal your shine! You are gorgeous and so talented! Keep it up baby girl and please stay humble.

Leah Lloyd What songs are on the CD I have a patient with alhiemers disease and she just loves gospel music I play her all your music and she brightens up over your voice. She even tries to watch American idol but she doesn't really understand.

Megan Schafer Anyone else get crazy Carrie Underwood vibes from Gabby?? They look so much alike and sing soooooo similar!! Rooting for you girl

Phillip Doll The most talented singer on American idol I have ever seen by far. Gabby keep killing it like u r every single week. I don't care what anyone says u r taking this competition by storm. We have just found the new Idol, really love to watch Gabby Barrett American Idol Tonight performances

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