Gabby Barrett American Idol Finale: All Of Pittsburgh`s Performances [ VIDEO]

American Idol Finale Gabby Barrett All Of Pittsburgh`s Performances

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 Gabby Barrett American Idol Finale 

Big day today.  Last time I’ll be asking for your votes. What an amazing emotional journey this has been. I feel like I’m part of the Stanley Cup or Super Bowl of music. People choose sides and fight for the person they want to win. I’ve received thousands of videos of people jumping up cheering when I made it to the next round. I’ve received really angry messages when I made it through and someone wanted me cut. It’s fun! No need to take it personal that people have passion for one contestant more than another.

Gabby Barrett sings "Little Red Wagon" by Miranda Lambert for fer American Idol season 16 finale performance

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If I’m blessed to win I can promise I’ll do my very best to be a good example for young children. And to pull others up along the way. I would not be here if people didn’t lift me. My dad took the time to teach me and my sister to have confidence in ourselves.

Not arrogance. Confidence. To believe God created us all for good. I would be truly honored if you would take the time to vote for me tonight. And continue to pray for me to be an American Idol you could be proud of. And if I’m not your Choice then please still send a prayer my way.

I’m 18 I’m not perfect but I know what Love is and this will be forever part of my life for me to share with my children someday. I hope I can continue this journey of dancing and singing making people forget about problems for a minute. I get to dress like I only dreamt of growing up.

I get to sing and dance like so many of us do in the mirror. Truly Thank You For allowing me in your homes and cellphones over the past few months.

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