Gabby Barrett American Idol 2018 | Gabby Barrett Full Interview

Gabby Barrett Performances, Interviews, Songs at American Idol 2018

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Gabby Barrett American Idol 2018

Congratulations to Pittsburgh’s Gabby Barrett who made the Top 24 on American Idol!

Gabby Barrett full interview:

Người đăng: Gabby Barrett vào 3 Tháng 4 2018

Tonight, Gabby Barret sings “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston for her American Idol Season 14 Top 5 performance.

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Gabby Barrett – “The Good Ones” (Official Music Video)

Gabby Barrett auditions for American Idol in front of Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie with a Carrie Underwood tune and song she sings in church–and then pranks her dad over the results.


Gabby Barrett and Sugarland sing “Stay” for their Top 24 All-Star Duets performance in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.

Gabby Barrett sings The Climb by Miley Cyrus for her American Idol Top 14  performance in front of a live audience and Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.

Viewers reacted to Gabby Barrett American Idol 2018

Jen Moran Kerrigan I think I must have been watching a different channel, I saw Jennifer nail it, and Gabby singing out of her nose beside her.

Christy Elaine Causey Im not happy at all about the judges picks tonight.. Layla should’ve been picked but i feel she didnt because she so young.. But i think she’ll be alright, i dont think we’ve seen the last of her 

Angela F Daut Absolutely the best performance of the night absolutely loved it. Gabby is my favorite hands down! You go girl you killed it

Tina Villanueva Man I tried really hard to like it…..
It’s my absolute favorite song ever, have listened to it 5 million and 50 times… I just couldn’t like this as much as I absolutely love the one and only version that Jennifer sings.
But wow she looked absolutely stunning!! And I know she’ll go far.

Jeanne Anders Hartley Omgosh Gabby… I had goosebumps! I love that song and you just topped the whole show off!

Gabby Barrett: WOWS The Crowd For The Final Judgment!

Viewers reaction

Storm Taylor Girl yes. This is what happens when you embrace your own voice and stop trying to sound like Carrie Underwood. Cuz your own voice ROCKS!

Megan White I think she said she idolized Carrie Underwood in her audition BUT I would LOVE to hear her do Kelli Pickler! I hear alot of similarities there! She does have a good voice!

Ron Henderson She was good but “Rest in Peace” brought me to tears. My bio mom just past away before we could reunite. Great lyrics for words I can’t express.

Jess Loren She’s really freaken good but when she sang Carrie I was like no no haha. I’m so glad they gave her the chance to sing something different cause she is amazing! I didn’t see it with the Carrie song but now I’m like dang girl ! Love her voice!

Krissy Miller YES YES YES!!! Embrace your own voice don’t be a copy of someone else and this is what happens!!! She’s gonna win it all or at least be in the top 3

Billierae Bartholomew I lost my dad (best friend ever) a year three months and 22 days ago. Her love for her father literally brings me to tears (happy tears). I was close like that with my dad and I never got to make him proud like the pride I see on his face. 

Jacqueline George This young girl I ended up by accident having a lovely conversation with, I did not know she was one of the singers at an event I was attending. When she sang I was amazed that this was the same lovely young person I had just had a nice conversation with. She is the real deal inside and out. Just be yourself. That’s all you need your a winner already.

Tara Shortie IrishGirl McFeely I love her singing my daughter met her at a girl scouts party where she performed at and she is very good her voice is amazing. You’re goong to be the next American idol she had my vote

Lillian Russell Did anyone notice Katy when Gabby went up to hug all of them when she got in the top 24. She wasn’t very sincere. I was watching Katy’s expressions on her face? I didnt see the video back up again.Gabby is my pick she can sing anything!

Ricky Ragels I think Gabby rocks love her voice I’m big fan another Carrie Underwood I love that song church bells she nailed it u go girl!!! I’m voting Gabby all the way!!!

Gabby Barrett sings The Climb: Here

Viewers reactions:
Shanice Bancroft
Stay away from country baby girl! Still a huge fan though ! She can definitely win this thing, just needs to choose the right songs.

Gabby has WAY too much soul in her to be singing country… girl, please go back to singing Aretha, that last performance was incredible!

Deez Nuts
Only liked it cause of the high notes if she didnt hit those it would have been a bad song choice

I really think Gabby could have a great chance at winning this if she picks the right songs! She’s soulful, ditch the country. Honey, distance yourself from the artists you love and listen to most! You can saaaannng, but so can Carrie- you sound so much like her when you sing that it becomes unoriginal… I’d love to hear you sing some Pam Tillis, Jo Dee Messina, Faith Hill type stuff even some Allison Kraus… so many great songs to choose from, but remember this isn’t karaoke!! You have to pick a song and sing it as YOU, not the artist who’s already done it 

Kelly Pastelly
That Aretha song was better than this but she’s a star regardless. I hope her next choice is an RnB or top40 song, she needs to display all of her skills.
Julia Josie
her voice is amazing and has LOTS of star quality. i just don’t think it shines through country music, she should do whatever she wants though. I just wanted to point that out’

You will find Gabby Opening For Country Artist like Cole Swindell, Toby Keith And Many More!  Also she is traveling around the country performing on her own.  Please take a minute to support her and follow her amazing journey together. Much Love!

Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing 17 Year Old Gabby Barrett

Jolene – Miley Cyrus/Dolly Pardon (cover) by Gabby Barrett ft. Gypsy Barrett

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