Gabby Barrett Advances Again in American Idol 2018 Top 14

Munhall’s Gabby Barrett advances again in ‘American Idol’

Pittsburgh nation, get ready to vote for one of your own.

Munhall's Gabby Barrett,18, landed a coveted spot in the top 14 contestant line-up Monday night during American Idol's all-star celebrity duet themed performances.

Only seven of the twelve singers received good news — five were sent home at the end of the two-hour show— after hearing judges Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan deliver their decisions.

Barrett didn't squeak through, she sailed through — delivering a soulful performance and closing out the show alongside her country duo match-up, Sugarland.

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles complimented Barrett's abilities.

"I'm excited to duet this song with Gabby," Nettles said. "She's darling and so talented. She is a fantastic singer."

Gabby's dad Blase Barrett, currently in California with his daughter, says she was "really excited" to perform with Sugarland.

"Jennifer (of Sugarland) has a powerful voice for country music and that has always been a dream of Gabby's — to bring power like Whitney Houston over to country music."

Blase says many have tried to push Gabby away from country.

"Gabby writes country music and she loves the country story. Her voice is so strong. She wants to bring a new sound to country," Blase Barrett says. "All three judges were completely blown away tonight after her performance."

Gabby Barrett & Sugarland Sing "Stay" – Top 24 Duets

"I don't know if we have seen someone today nail it from top to bottom," judge Luke Bryan said.

"Way to show up Gabby," Katy Perry said. "Way to show up. You've come so far and you have so far to go. And we all do. I can tell you are not getting comfortable and that is the key to success."

Kristen Brodak,40, of Pittsburgh has followed Gabby's career the last four years. She is pretty much in freak out mode these days, in a good way.

"I am the biggest fan that there is," Brodak says. "I have cried at every ("American Idol") show and I watch each episode so anxiously, and excitedly, because I am so happy for her. She is so confident."

Brodak attended all three "watch parties" hosted in Pittsburgh she says — even shopping with Barrett at South Hills Village for a dress that she will wear on an upcoming episode. "She is her own stylist so far — doing her own hair and make-up."

The live shows are expected to begin in a few weeks.

Mark your calendars: Gabby's next "American Idol" appearance is on April 22.

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Viewers reaction :

Angela F Daut Absolutely the best performance of the night absolutely loved it. Gabby is my favorite hands down! You go girl you killed it

Kristen Perkins She literally next American Idol. I know between her and Layla I can't really choose because I love them both

Susan Burke Tonight is so disappointing I can't believe the way this went there are some who shouldn't be picked and some who most definitely should have been picked totally ridiculous

Kristi Ellsworth Peppers Beautiful!! I knew this was going to be a great duet! Her voice reminded me of Jennifer from the beginning! Powerful duet!

Crystal Marie Omg!!! Incredible and I have no more words!!! Shout out to Gabby from this Canadian singer and HUGE Sugarland fan!! You nailed it 

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