Gabby Barret PERFORMS I Have Nothing Top 5 American Idol 2018 Gabby Barret I Have Nothing

Gabby Barret sings “I Have Nothing” American Idol Top 5

Gabby Barret I Have Nothing

American idol 2018 tonight, the Top 5 singer  will be celebrating Mother’s Day with two songs, one in honor of the holiday and the other from American Idol winner Carrie Underwood’s songbook.

Gabby was sick two days before she has to sing, her medication and paperwork from the hospital

Gabby Barrett Gets Sick

She posted on her facebook page to call for her fans to vote for her performance on May 13th

" I’ve gotten the opportunity to visit sick children at Children’s Hospital an Ronald McDonald House. They have really taught me more about the true meaning of life. You are not going to win everyone’s approval so take this little time we have on earth and enjoy it. Enjoy it with the people who want to dance with you".

Gabby Barrett

" Tonight I’m asking for your votes to allow me to continue my dream to become the next American Idol. Blows my mind the incredible love I have received through music. All the pictures and DM of love and support!!! I would not be here if it wasn’t for you guys "

How to vote for Gabby Barrett to Top 3, here`s is your answer:

Gabby Barret I Have Nothing

Tonight, Gabby Barret sings “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston for her American Idol Season 14 Top 5 performance.

Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing 17 Year Old Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barret sings “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood​ for her American Idol Season 14 Top 5 performance tonight

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Gabby Barrett sings "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack for her American Idol Top 7 Year of Birth performance

Gabby Barrett sings "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore" by Prince for her American Idol Top 7 performance 

Viewers reacted to Gabby Barret I Have Nothing

Connie RobertsandJackie Roberts She has a good voice but I'm getting the impression she's not so nice. Maybe it's just me but did anyone notice her diss Caties hug after she sang her first song or how the only one she hugs is Cade. Not cool if you ask me.

Kim Hoffman I know her personally and she is not at all! She’s got a huge heart and she has done tons of charity events and sang at the Children’s hospital many times! Do your research to all you negative People!! Go Gabby, really love Gabby Barret I Have Nothing performance 

Ashlie Diard She's stunning no doubt about that but she seems manufactured. I want to like her I really do but I don't think we have seen the real her. I feel like every performance is her embodying the original artist. I want to see the real stripped back Gabby not the Gabby that has Carrie Underwood on the brain 24/7.

Candi Martinez Don't beat me up now!But I just can't listen to her sing a whole song I always just tuning her out lol don't know what it is but I can't see me listening to her in no radio or if she made a record I just wouldn't listen to it would be a shocker if she won AI I'd probably never watch again 

Joy Asleson You know, we as women should stick together. We are told that we need to have confidence in ourselves. But then when we try to have confidence, we are told we are cocky, entitled and full of ourselves. Then if she is not confident, she would be told that she does not have stage presence or she is boring. Sheesh everyone….the poor girl can't win. Gabby, don't listen to any of these negative and unkind comments. You keep having confidence in yourself and doing what you are doing…and then your talent will speak for itself.

Gladys Setzer I love when Gabby sings songs like this instead of forcing the country sound. She has an amazing vocal range and this was awesome, love Gabby Barret I Have Nothing tonight

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