Overprotective Golden Retriever Dog Constantly Saves Cat From Trouble

You are watch funny golden retriever video tonight . You need to give your cat buddy a break. You are precious you golden beauty but your cat buddy needs to learn for himself. Cut him some slack. Put him out there and let Mr. Cat fight for himself and just intervene if need be.  I have cats and someday I wish to have a bigger space so I can keep a dog as well. Animals brings out the best in humans because they don’t talk but they show lots of love if you give them. The lady behind the camera is why her pets play together so soft and gently.. kudos

Watch funny golden retriever video 

What a nice dog he has got amen. It upon his self to protect the cat and always wants him near him that is nice but I hope he lets the cat be a cat by walking around by himself..Absolutely precious babies. Love them so much. May They be filled with good health, strength, love, happiness, joy, peace and prosperity. Actually the innocent babies are our family. We must love, value and respect them coz God loves all of us so much.

That is one tolerant cat Goldens are the best and they are protective!! And, the cat may not show it, but he/she is happy they are not getting into catfights where they could get hurt. Love This  That would be Eugene That’s how he is with our dogs Lays there let’s them gently maul all over him ! Mike picked Eugene up to get him away from the dogs and the Cat Eugene was All Wet ! He just lays there knowing they will not hurt him TRUST

More funny golden retriever today:

Dogs are so funny and hilarious, they just never fail to make us laugh and happy! Just look how all these dogs play, how they fail, make funny sounds

Vieiwers react to funny videos with golden retriever

Nanci Griffith:

ADORABLE. That cat must actually love that dog to be so tolerant of being dragged around by the ear and other parts of it’s body. And who can argue that, that golden retriever is perfectly sweet and adorable. Such sweet dogs and sweet cat.

Goldens are a very special breed!They have intuition like no other dog I’ve ever had! and I,m 80 odd now and have had a dog for every one of those years! My late husband and I bred and showed Goldens for many years! Dear god and I thought I was sensitive… Cat mom here (first fur baby a dog, love both) STOP PUTTING YOUR FEARS INTO STATEMENTS. There is zero harm to beautiful puss and how lucky to have such a beautiful doggo in the family looking out for, their obviously family.

Veronica Dentremont:

The cat LOVES it!…they are being carroed on neck area just as the mother did. Their reflex is to relax and follow the lead..Also your animals show a history of trust with owner and each other. Great dog and thankful cat. End of discussion. Why do people with no animals or friends speak out against the dog. Get a life and reduce your drug use and love funny golden retriever video today

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