America's Got Talent 2018 Front Pictures Semifinals Performance

Front Pictures Multimedia Act Wildcard GETS X From SIMON Semifinals 1 America’s Got Talent 2018

Front Pictures Semifinals

One of the members shares how outer space influenced his art. He wants America to feel the same sense of wonder, he did as a child, looking up into the sky!They were chosen to return after ALMOST beating Mikalaya for the Dunkin’ Save. And it’s a space theme this time, with the dude floating around in space alongside turtles and dolphins? Hm. Simon buzzed them! Unfortunately, I agree. This is really boring. No wow moments or creativity. They were so much better before. Howie was confused, but Mel B was confusing him. Simon hated the music, thought animals in space was weird. Mel B calls it “breathtaking, clever and interesting.” Heidi also liked it. I’m Team Simon! “There are no fish in space,” says Howie. Indeed. 

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