Fritz the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Cincinnati Zoo visitors will soon have a chance to see a new addition to the family – a baby hippo named Fritz. Although he is still too young to meet his big sister Fiona or his father, Tucker, he will rotate with his mother in Hippo Cove. He is likely to be seen by many visitors, and if you’re lucky, you might get to see the adorable new addition and the beloved Fiona.

In an effort to choose a name for the new hippo, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden asked the public for help. They gathered more than 90,000 suggestions in two days, which was impressive considering the fact that the voting was open to anyone. As a result, Fritz won with 56% of the vote.

Watch Fritz the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

Fritz has been doing extremely well in the outdoor pool, and Bibi is keeping an eye on him and controlling his exploration of the water depth. He’s even been seen taking a breath from the bottom of the pool! While he’ll continue to nurse for the first eight to 12 months, Fritz is already experimenting with foods such as lettuce and hay. But Wingate isn’t sure if Fritz is ingesting calories from these yet. Fiona and Tucker haven’t met Fritz, and it’s unclear how Fritz will fare once Tucker and Fiona get to meet him.

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The zoo’s new baby hippo Fritz is making his first venture outside his indoor habitat. He and Bibi spent about an hour in the water before heading back indoors. After the hippo introduction, Fiona and Tucker came outside as well. While the two hippos spend only a short amount of time outside the water, they still seem to bond with each other.

The Cincinnati Zoo recently introduced Fritz to his big sister Fiona. The two hippo siblings are slowly being introduced to each other and will live together in the Hippo Cove with mom Bibi. The introductions will continue on and off until the babies are fully accustomed to one another. And if you’re a zoogoer, make sure to catch this moment. This is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of Fritz the hippo, as long as your timing is right.

When Fiona was born six weeks premature, she was 29 pounds and could barely stand up. She eventually gained a healthy weight of 1,300 pounds and was able to stand on her own. She is now a mother to a new calf, who is already twice the size of Fiona.

On Monday, Fritz the hippo spent more than an hour exploring her outdoor habitat. He and his mother Bibi have been bonding since Fritz was born, but big sister Fiona and dad Tucker have yet to meet Fritz face-to-face. It’s too early to tell whether the baby brother will join them in the outdoor area.

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