America's Got Talent 2018 French Accent Audition Performance

French Accent: Audience Backs Comedian After Receiving 3 Buzzers – America’s Got Talent 2018

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The hilarious Wyoming local brought his one-liners, puns, and accordion to AGT. Watch hilarity ensue as he receives 3 X's from the judges.

Next, it’s a dude with a pirate patch playing an accordian. He does one liners and puns. WOW. CORNY CORNY JOKES. Howie loves it. Mel and Heidi X him.  But then the dude begins to win them over with charm. The audience was behind him from the beginning. Erm. That was pretty stupid. Howie calls him funny and unique. Mel takes her X back. “You’re way funnier in the moment.” Mel calls him a great entertainer. Simon will NOT take his X back. “There’s always got to be a villain,” frenchy says. He moonwalks off the stage. Still hate him. – 3 yeses 1 no

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