Francisco Martin WOWs Judges With Harry Styles Hit – American Idol 2020

American Idol 2020 Hawaii Top 40 showcase kicks off with part 1 TONIGHT on ABC at 8 pm ET/PT. The final 40 singers travelled to the Disney Aulani resort to compete for a spot in the Top 20. This round was filmed in January. Expect to be reminded constantly that the episode is PREVIOUSLY recorded. Because, of course, ABC wouldn’t ship the kids and a pregnant Katy Perry (and a 70 year old Lionel Richie and heck, Luke Bryan, host Ryan Seacrest and mentor Bobby Bones too!) to Hawaii in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. And yes, there are folks who need the reminder.

Falling by Harry Styles –  He talks more about his nerves with Bobby. He had a falling out with his family and friends over his “insecurities.” The way he describes it, isolating himself from loved ones, sounds like depression. Now, this is a good song choice. Francisco is best on songs that allow him to display urgency and passion. Eventually, he throws his guitar behind him, and picks up the mic. He doesn’t seem nervous at all…until the last note. His face falls a little. He apologizes for being so emotional. The next day, Katy says she doesn’t recognize him anymore…and that’s a good thing. “Is that Bruno Mars up there?” she says. “You check every box,” says Luke, “You’re a wonderful talent. Francisco is in the Top 20.

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