Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace November 25, 2018

In their new book 'Trump's Enemies: How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency,' Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie claim many officials are working against the president's agenda.

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Viewer reactions:

Kelly Your worst enemies are always close. That's why they're the worst because they have access to inside info, like a person committing Espionage.

Peter Myers
If Mr Trump is going to achieve his agenda, he will need to throw out all the DC people and find others from outside and all around America instead.  He is surrounded by creeps, liars, manipulators and deceivers.

President Trump has enemies all around him ,he also has his fellow Patriots from around the world and the American People as his Body Guards

He said the media is not left wing ! BS , our president Trump is attacked everyday nonstop by the msm ! They are owned by the left wing

You may not like some aspects of President Trump's personality, but you have to admire his moxey, hard work and love of country.

Left wing bad actors tell you who they are usually by words and if not by words, definitely by their ACTIONS or inactions that would be normal actions…..Watch what they say ( lot of projection, lies, gas lighting etc) and watch what they do.

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