Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace Today

"He was a really special man."

Chris Wallace on Saturday remembered former President George H.W. Bush by sharing stories about the times they spent together.

NPR forced to issue apology to Trump Jr.

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Viewer reactions:

Chris Smith Fox News has done a wonderful job covering and sharing inside stories of such a great man and American. RIP Mr. President!

Robert Mollers Robert Mueller is ‘Teeing up’ for ‘a blockbuster indictment’ According to Top Watergate Prosecutor

Anton Moser Hopefully Dump remembers that GHWB had too much class and intelligence to support the Orange POS for POTUS.

Lorenzo Gonzales Fox news needs to simmer down. He was a nwo globalist. I get it Fox he was your hero and his world plan is your hope.

Roger Smith Wallace and Perino. Trump haters of FNC. News Corp do us all a favor, fire both of them yesterday. And don't let either one of them anywhere near FOX NATION.

John Bovenkamp He Is Standing in Judgement for All His Sinister Dark Deeds. Even if he had the lying Media with him, You can't hide the Truth From God. Amen!!

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