Donald Trumo on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace 11/18/18

FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace November 18 2018

Trump on divided Congress, Mueller probe, foreign challenges

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Viewer reactions:

Joy Leussenkamp I love waking up every morning and realizing that PRESIDENT TRUMP is our President. 
I am proud to be a nationalist. Proud to stand for and support my flag, our troops and our amazing President. God truly has blessed America.


Tim Nichols Trump kept deflecting, wouldn't admit defeat in the house. He criticized our capture of bin Laden in an effort to discredit a navy seal, and just kept spouting the ignorant fraudulent catchphrase 'fake news'. He once again didn't believe our intelligence agencies when asked about Koreas new weapon testing because it would make him look bad. He claimed secret service ordered him not to go to the memorial lol. Wallace should have asked him about his constant lies. Trump got off easy.

TP Hale Amazing how President Trump continues to expose the dishonest, corrupt left. As far as Obama, Trump has exposed how unprepared he was to be President, and how lazy he actually was being President.

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