Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace | Fox News Sunday Video March 11th

Fox News Sunday March 11th 2018

"This is the right time to meet with Kim Jong Un."

On "Fox News Sunday," CIA Director Mike Pompeo said President Donald J. Trump will make no concessions before meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Fox News Sunday 11/3

Người đăng: Trump Pence 2020 vào 11 Tháng 3 2018

Viewers reacted:

Bruce Babcock President Trump is no fool and is not like Obama, who gives a good speech, does nothing, and broadcasts to all to hear, his moves and plans; to make it look like he is a nice guy, but enemies love him, just like the mayor of California shouting out on a luad speaker, "Run and Hide, the police are coming!"

Nanette Gray Now that I made my comment on the trolls statement that is here to agitate and nothing more other than be first on the feed by people responding. NOW let us agree, not to feed these paid for trolls!

Jude Miller Amazed that many people seem to hate our current President so much that in some measure they want his efforts to fail, even if they are demonstrably good for the nation as a whole and by extension good for the world.

Paula Simmons Colvin The liberals had us practically going to war with this country not too long ago. Now him visiting the country they say he's going too fast. Make up your minds people

Mary Morton-Johnson OMG….Kim yun hoe..whatever his name is…IS NOT to be trusted. Can Trump not sit behind a plate glass window and talk on a phone to that murderer? Like they do in maximum lock down prisons?

Benjamin Riley This statement means nothing. Trump does the opposite of what they say more often than not. Shortly before Trump said he would meet with him, Rex Tillerson said Trump wouldn't.

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