FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace FOX News Sunday March 4, 2018

FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace FOX News Sunday March 4, 2018

“Our aluminum industry, make no mistake, that thing is on life support. That will be gone in a year or two if the president doesn’t take the courageous actions he’s proposed.”

On “Fox News Sunday,” The White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro discussed President Donald J. Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs and their benefits for the American worker.

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Patrick Noonan 175$ more for a new car….big effin deal….1c more a 6 pack….that won’t even affect a homeless man…..chris Wallace is a big goober and so are all of you crybabies…the jobs that this will bring to the U.S. are huge…..Why are liberals so stupid? Or is it the hate outweighs the good for you people.

Paddy Mark McGuire Look folks, we are going to see an increase in cost and some inflation, from this direction. This will save our steel companies here in America. And it will get other companies to build here. After we get the product being made here, we can buy our own steel made here in America. It will take some time, but in the long run, it will be better. Jobs, a product we can export, and make our country safer.

Emanuel Trump The tax is a bad idea. Bush implemented the same sort of tax and eventually had to end it. Business that use steel and aluminum will pass the price on to the customer. Many companies are against the tax.

Michel J Roux I used to tape Chris Wallace every Sunday but I am done after today! He kept asking questions and caught him off with another question before he could finish his answer. I think Chris is auditioning for a CNN job! Good riddance Chris! Perhaps if Americans are buying American steel and Aluminum they won’t have to pay the 25% tariff! Have you thought about this Chris?

Mac McLaughlin I don’t watch Chris Wallace anymore he is such a phony I’m not an expert on trade but we cannot continue to have a trade deficit with every single country in the world they’re laughing at us eventually they will own us if we continue the path we are on it’s only common sense and by the way common sense is not very common

Marilyn DeMoss Ha I can’t believe this news caster, Chris Wallace is on FoxNews! He makes my stomach knot up! He has an agenda to push, & it isn’t America’s self sufficiency & it isn’t American’s military security & preparedness, & the economic security of our future.

Go Get’em Peter Navarro! We’re with Trump AND we are with you!

To prove that Chris Wallace is making a mountain out of a mole hill: That additional $175 spread out over the life of a car, which is approx 15 years, is only $11.66 per year. That’s less than $1 per month!

Allan Montgomery I watch this thing this morning and I kept watching how the host
moderator was constantly interrupting Mr Noonan I found the moderator to be so aggressive and having his own agenda and interrupting every aspect of mr. Noonan’s responses the moderator wasn’t looking to query this man he was looking to Flame him and I applaud Mr Noonan for maintaining his cool and the material was correct as well


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