Fox News: Fox & Friends on March 24, 2020 -

Fox News: Fox & Friends on March 24, 2020

A bipartisan resolution being introduced by Rep. Jim Banks Tuesday condemns the Chinese government over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak, painting a stark picture of lies and mismanagement contributing to the pandemic that has infected nearly 390,000 people worldwide and killed more than 16,700.

“This really is a moment where where the American people want to see the Congress come together.”

Vice President Mike Pence called into “Hannity” Monday to address the ongoing battle over the coronavirus response bill in Congress.

President Donald J. Trump demanded on Monday that the Senate “stop playing partisan politics” and pass a massive stimulus bill meant to jumpstart a flagging economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic, while saying he hopes the administration’s guidelines on social distancing will end soon and not go on for “months.”

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Sue Sertic Pertile If the politic games doesn’t stop and they pass a stimulus bill soon, you will see a lot of small businesses go under! It’s not fair to the hard working people trying to keep their businesses afloat! Michigan’s Governor just shut everything but essentials down! What happened to looking at each county in the State! We are in the Upper Peninsula & do not compare to Detroit!
Get together & quit playing games!

Larry Scott This is a question I wish they would ask in the Town Hall! Why can’t these Senators and Representatives in the Senate and The House of Representatives be charged with gouging in this Crisis?. Just like we were told to turn in Companies for raising the prices way up on items for sale. They said that those Companies would be prosecuted to the max!! Why not the ones that supposedly work for us?

Sharon Auman What he failed to mention he wants to be in charge of who gets the 500 billion in corp bailout. How did that work out with the 1.5 trillion in corp tax breaks. He in his own words said to his friends “I just made you all a lot richer”. AND, he doesn’t want to tell you who he’s giving out tax dollars to.

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