Fox & Friends on March 22, 2020 -

Fox & Friends on March 22, 2020

“The first thing you want to do is close the borders of your house.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz appeared on “Watters’ World” on Saturday night to offer some practical tips for managing the coronavirus and commenting on the country’s actions.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged lawmakers to come to an agreement on a coronavirus relief package to help Americans impacted by the outbreak.

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Mike Dacey Interesting how quickly our social security benefits come to mind for them to play with. The last time they played with these funds non citizens were allowed payments even though they never paid into the fund.

Jerry French Glad to hear it. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ! I honestly didn’t even know who Mike Pence was before President Trump selected him as his VP. Boy have I ever been impressed with him and I’m very thankful for his leadership behind President Trump. Again praise The Lord my Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ

Hope Plunkett So i misunderstood the article. Close the borders isnt what it means if you really read the article it states that you need to take precation in your home not border up your home. I am so sorry for not reading correctly. But he is right.

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