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Fox & Friends Today 10/11/ 2018

On "Fox & Friends," President Donald J. Trump rebuked Eric Holder for his call to “kick” Republicans and spurn civility, saying the Obama attorney general’s comments were “disgusting” and “dangerous.” 

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Viewer reactions:

Joe Dockery Just watch the crowd size at each event he is in. Its unbelievably large each time.. that tells you where the votes will be going..RED WAVE is getting larger by the day…

Ruth Tobin Loretta Lynch Lucifer called for bloodshed on the streets, Hillary Rodham Clinton calling for no civility! Eric Holder calling to kick we the people. They're strengthening Antifa to do their jobs. Democrats future for America communists terrorizing innocent people that love this Country and president Trump.

John Korn I woke up this morning turned on news abc they was singing Michael Obama’s praise. They go low we go high new book and Netflix deal and all. It’s sickening to have to listen to this they had their moment and blew it we as Americans want them all to drift off in history.

Cindy Bizzell What does Eric Holder, Obama, Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Kamila Harris, have in common? They are stirring up a civil war! Fight, fight, fight, really!!! Why stoop so low, and they wonder why people are so divided. A message to all of them; why not start acting like civil human beings, and learn how to play fair with some dignity and respect?

Rochelle Fuselier Ory The Democratic Party is nothing more than a hate group, and their actions and threats are criminal and they should be held accountable!

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