Former Miss America Betty Maxwell Helps Kelsie Dolin Find Her STRENGTH

Betty Maxwell is no stranger to keeping a cool head under pressure — and the way she takes Kelsie Dolin under her wing is nothing short of HEARTWARMING!. I really hope that whatever happens, we remember Betty as a contestant for her grace, patience and skill in mentoring Kelsie to step out of her shell and give us more of her talent. And what a perfect song choice to fit the moment! I really wish the best for both of these women, on the show and whatever comes after.

The love and support for Kelsie, from judges and contestants alike, is what really makes this one of the most moving segments of tonight’s show. Riveting tv! They both sounded good and I couldn’t help but root for them to succeed. The judges definitely have a soft spot for Kelsie & like many of us, they too, are rooting for her success. But, can we all acknowledge & give Betty the kudos deserving of her patience, kindness & understanding towards Kelsie’s challenges. Whew, the best was saved for last .

The girl from the boondocks and Miss America are paired together. The incongruity was the thing, surely. Kelsie has never harmonized and is intimidated. Betty is being very kind, taking the young singer under her wing. Betty adds choreography. Kelsie is even more nervous. She’s still struggling with confidence. Once again, Kelsie is frozen with fear. During rehearsal, Katy tries to help her calling her a “diamond in the rough.” The two are really mismatched. Betty is very…dramatic. The ultimate pageant queen. Kelsie is rough. She has a good tone, but she’s tentative. Their energies don’t match. The judges love it, though. 

The judges are on their feet. Lionel is CRYING. Hm. He believes she broke through with that performance. Katy agrees. Both are through to the next round. – Betty and Kelsie are through to the next round.

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