Fiona the Hippo’s Best Moments of 2018

Fiona the Hippo's Best Moments of 2018

Fiona the hippo, queen of the Cincinnati Zoo has had a banner year.

Fiona swam and ate snacks. Fans, she lived her life and she did it against all odds! It's true

Today we celebrate some of her best moments of 2018 

Fiona to be outside. When she's not outside, she's inside with her mom Bibi in one of their two heated indoor pools! 

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Everyone's favorite baby hippo!! Fiona! #TeamFiona

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Fiona the Hippo's Best Moments of 2018

Fiona here with a smile to brighten your new day

Fiona is approaching 1,000 pounds

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Curious Fiona

Like mother like daughter! 

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Like mother like daughter! #TeamFiona

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Roly-poly Fiona! Hippos also have a set of built-in goggles: a clear membrane covers their eyes for protection while still allowing them to see when underwater.


It should be warm enough for the princess to make an outdoor appearance today! It needs to be 45 degrees or warmer for the hippos to be outside.

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Fiona the Hippo for Christmas

Fans react to Fiona the Hippo's Best Moments of 2018

Phyllis Eberts Did she just bite her mommy's butt … little stinker!

Robyn King They have a great relationship especially considering she had to be hand raised.

Beth Porter Like so many around the world [I’m in the UK] I've been enchanted by Fiona since she was born, but have always wondered whether at this stage of her life in the wild she'd be playing with other babies of similar age? Are there any plans for the zoo to have another youngster on loan? TIA for your reply and sent with extra thanks for the great care you're giving! 

Emily Sanders What happened to Fiona that she is missing a chunk of skin (which is still hanging onto her) on her right shoulder?? We saw it when we were there a few weekends ago.

Lori Schlueter Sharrow So proud of her progress and our Cincinnati Zoo for the hard work and dedication it took to keep her alive in the beginning. She is adorable and a great ambassador for the zoo and her species.

Linda Dickey I often wonder if she misses the closeness with the ones that raised her ?? I believe that's why she likes people so much love Fiona the Hippo's Best Moments of 2018

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